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  • What are the dates for upcoming Wearin’ of the Green parades?

    Here are the upcoming parade dates for the Wearin’ of the Green, St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Parade always rolls at 10AM CST. Make your plans to join us for this lively, family-oriented parade. Festivities start early in the day with the Shamrock Run which is held on part of the historical parade route and culminates with the parade itself! Get a good spot by getting there very early! Stay abreast of any changes by joining our Facebook Group (Irish Parade).

    YearWearin’ of the Green, St. Pat’s ParadeSt. Pat’s Day Falls onMardi Gras Day
    2024 39thSaturday, March 16thSundayFebruary 13th
    2025 40thSaturday, March 15thMondayMarch 5th
    2026 41stSaturday, March 14thTuesdayFebruary 17th
    2027 42ndSaturday, March 13thWednesdayFebruary 9th
    2028 43rdSaturday, March 18th (day after St. Pats)FridayFebruary 29th
    202944thSaturday, March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day!)SaturdayFebruary 13th
    203045thSaturday, March 16th SundayMarch 5th

    **The 2023 parade was the 36th time we rolled but our 38th year since we paused for two parade years due to the pandemic.

    The next time the Wearin’ of the Green, St. Patrick’s Day Parade Falls on St. Patrick’s Day is in the year 2029! Remember, St Patrick’s Day itself is always March 17th! For more information on Mardi Gras Parades in Louisiana, follow this link. We hope that these upcoming parade dates are useful to your travel making and event plans. We encourage you to contact Visit Baton Rouge  to check on hotel rates and other area activities held at this time of the year. They will have many visitor guides that will help you narrow your trip down. You’ll find the people here to be friendly and our food to be fabulous. On Parade Day, you’ll find various establishments offering traditional Irish fare.

  • What time does the Wearin’ of the Green start?

    It starts sharply at 10 a.m. CST. Watch the full parade anywhere after the Catholic Life Center driveway. Our band’s stage in the CLC parking lot. Please note that although the parade itself does not start until 10 a.m., the lineup begins as early as 6:30.

  • What time will the parade reach us?

    The pace of the parade changes every year due to weather and the general speed of our Krewes. If the parade moved at a walking pace, it would reach Eugene Street in ten minutes, Terrace in around 20 minutes, Perkins intersection around 30 minutes and reach the Overpass about an hour after the parade starts. It is usually much slower than that.

  • Are there available bathrooms?

    Yes, Ace Enterprises provides porta-potties all along the route, including at the Shamrock Run. They are listed on this website.

  • Is there VIP or reserved seating for the parade?

    No, we encourage you to arrive early, bring chairs and stake out a great place along the route.

  • What should we wear?

    Have fun, WEAR GREEN! We love seeing all the costumes and green. Dress comfortably by checking the weather forecast the night before. In Louisiana, we can experience any and all types of weather on parade day. The parade rolls rain or shine.

  • What time do the streets close?

    This depends on which streets you are referring to. This decision is made by the local authorities in the days leading up to the parade and the Shamrock Run. We will post streets we are aware of closing on our website.

  • Will anyone televise the parade?

    Yes, WBRZ TV has carried it live for the last several years. The specific information will be available through our social media and on their website. We believe they will livestream on their various platforms beginning at 9am cst ending at noon.

  • Is there parking available?

    Parking is a rarity along the entire parade route. Do not park on private property or commercial property unless you have written permission.

  • Where is the best place to watch the parade?

    That depends on your age and if you have children. Areas after the Perkins Road Overpass are public. There are numerous eateries and heavy crowds. It is pretty much SRO (Standing Room Only). If your idea of the day is to bring snacks and chairs, you may find a place in the BREC Park area (midway along the route) or by the Catholic Life Center. The majority of the route is a private neighborhood.

  • We are having a parade party. Will my guests be able to reach our home?

    Yes, but they will need to get there early. The Shamrock Run takes place on Perkins Road up to Broussard starting from 8-9am. There will be a small window of time after the runners leave the route. We ask that residents create an invitation with their name and address on it so it can be shown to officers in case the streets are closed off. It should have your street address on it. If you can direct your friends to park off the route that would be best.

  • I am a vendor and would like to sell things along the route. How do I do that?

    We do not allow vending along the route. Should you show up, police will escort you off.

  • I have a band/performance group that is interested in participating in the parade. How do I apply?

    Please email us with the subject “Perform in the Parade.”

  • I’m coming in from out of town. Where is the closest hotel or best place to stay?

    Please visit the Wearin’ of the Green page on Visit Baton Rouge’s website. They are our tourism bureau.

  • How many Grand Marshals have come from Ireland?

    There have been nine. Mark Kelly (2001); Ivar Quigley (2002); Denis Coffey (2004); Junior Finnegan (2005); Mike Rosney (2007); Dick Bourke (2009); Michael Leahy (2010); Timothy O’Brien (2012); Father Mike Maroney (2019).

  • What makes the Wearin’ of the Green Parade different from other St. Patrick’s Day Parades?

    It is organized by The Parade Group, LLC for families and friends. Southern crowds love to be loved by the Krewes and the way this is done is by tossing trinkets (cups/bead necklaces/stuffed animals) from the float riders to the parade watchers.

  • How are the Krewes named?

    Each Krewe chooses its name when they join the parade. They may and are encouraged to change their float graphics/theme annually, but they are always the same named Krewe, or their Shamrock Ratings start over.

  • What are Shamrock Ratings?

    These are ratings 1-5 that are assigned to Krewes after each parade. The ratings come from our Parade Marshals, video cameras along the route and public comments. We want a safe family-oriented parade. We discourage anything that is harmful to children in any way.

  • How do people join the parade?

    Our first invitations to an upcoming parade are given to previous Krewes who earn a 4 or 5 Shamrock rating first. The new parade year starts July 1 and slots are filled as Krewes sign up and pay their parade fees. The entire process could be over by October easily. If you or your company are interested, sign up today to visit our join our waiting list to get on our Waiting List.

  • How can I identify a float?

    Each float will have a float number posted on the back, each side and windshield. Use that number if you want to complement or report a Krewe. Please be specific when you write in with as much detail as possible. Photographs work great.

  • What if there is rain on parade day?

    The parade has rolled without incident since 1986 rain, sleet, snow and shine. Let’s pray for a beautiful day. If there is a severe weather forecast, please stay tuned to your local media for further instructions.