Press 1997 Irish Club

Sunday Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA) august 10, 1997 Page 4H

Text read as follows:

The Irish Club of Baton Rouge honored the Caledonian Society of Baton Rouge at its first Celtic Mixer & Ceilidh held at ZeeZee Gardens Juy 27. A ceilidh, (pronounced "kaylee"), is a Gaelic term for gathering with entertainment.

The afternoon event, which featured the bagpipes and ddrums of the Caledonian Pipes of Baton Rouge, the Scottish Country Dancers and the music of the Scottish-American quartet Smithfield Fair, honored the society for its efforts toward "all things Celtic" in the Baton Rouge area.

Hosted by Irish Club members Pat Shingleton, Kate Laborde and Allen Kinney, the party brought together the two groups which preserve their distinctive brand of Celtic culture, heritage and tradition.

The Irish Club presented Caledonian Society president Beryl Carclay wiht a plaque in appreciation for the society's support of the annual St. Patrick's Day parade. Barclay offered her thanks and then recognized new members.

Smithfield Fair entertained the group with songs from their new Centau Records compact disc, "Scattered Seeds of Scotland," and other traditional favorites of Ireland and Scotland.