It is always fun when the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile joins us for the parade! Somehow we've never gotten a weenie-whistle, weenie-beanie or teenie-weenie from them. They say they'll get their buns back down here for more parades so we'll spread the Southern Charm on thick this next time!


2018 Parade (Staged with General Floats in Lineup) They arrived parade morning and drove into the general line-up so we didn't get to even meet them this year but our Leprechaun and daughter Kate did find them.




2017 Parade (Staged on South Acadian Thruway)


Jumbo Dog John sits atop the Wienermobile relishing the life of an entertainer! It was a sad thing that I never met Spicey Mayo Mayra although she was obviously a franktastic driver.


Wienermobile was loved by thousands at our 2017 Parade.



2009 Parade (Staged in Catholic Life Center Parking Lot)