Planters Nutmobile

The Planters NUTMOBILE will crack you up!

We were thrilled to learn that PLANTERS NUTMOBILE actually exists! That's right, this peanut shelled shaped road-worthy vehicle travels across America to the delight of young and old. Prior to their attending our parade, we had seen them on commercials but didn't know this life-sized nut would actually come parade with us in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! 

At Planters, they would say we were shell-shocked to learn that there was a Planters Nutmobile. They claim that it is a shelluva ride! We would have invited them years before had we only known. Everyone knows that we would have been nuts to leave them out. In addition, Mr. Peanut walked the entire St. Pat's Parade route with one of his crew members while some nut drove. He cracked us up as he engaged with the crowds. We plan to invite Mr. Peanut to join us for future St Pats parades!

2023 Parade (Lined up with general Krewes)

Mr. Peanut has updated his appearance! He is looking much younger, fresher!. We hope he will return with a shamrock or festive coat in the future! The parade day started out a little cold and soft with some sleet but the nuts abord this crunch-mobile cracked the crowds up by being great sports. Hormel Foods now owns the Planters line.


2018 Parade (Lined up with general Krewes)

Pat Shingleton (Nutty Parade Founder) is crazy about nuts... cashews and peanuts are his favorites. Having the Planters Nutmobile join us for the 2018 Wearin' of the Green, St. Patrick's Day Parade was an honor and a great addition to our event. Mr. Peanut wore his grey suit and a top hat banded in shamrock-green just for the occasion. Thank you Mr. Peanut for the great performance with the Planters Nutmobile. We enjoyed having you and the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in 2018 at our St. Patrick's Day Parade. . Owned by Kraft-Heinz.

Mr. Peanut and Nutmobile going down Wearin' of the Green Parade Route 

2017 Parade (Lined up on S. Acadian Thruway)

The first year that the Planters Nutmobile joined us was 2017. Mr. Peanut, in all of his glory, walked the entire parade sharmock-ridden parade route. He wore a shamrock-decorated jacket, top hat and spectacle for the event.  The day was beautiful and he, along with the Planters Nutmobile, were definitely crowd pleasers!

Planters NUTmobile at Wearin of Green Parade 2017   Planters NUTmobile Wearin of Green Parade  

Great photo of Mr. Peanut in his St. Pat's Day outfit  Thanks to Tony Richard for the photo of Mr. Peanut who accompanied the Planters Nutmobile. Look at that shamrock-laced jacket. We love that Mr. Peanut dressed for the St Patrick's Day Parade. Quite Dapper Mr. Peanut!