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Kilts & Kisses | Lance LaPlace

Lance LaPlace, one of the founders of Baton Rouge's "Almost Irish Marching Club" called Kilts & Kisses was featured in the August 28, 2018 issue of The Business Report. For the past several years, Kilts and Kisses has marched down the parade route handing out flowers and other trinkets to those waiting to see the Wearin' of the Green Parade. They are known for kissing the ladies.  According to their website, the founding members of Kilts & Kisses don't boast a significant Irish lineage, but feel like there is a little Irish in each of us. They like to have fun and join in the parade day festivities. Their goal is to create an organization that celebrates St. Patrick's Day with the enthusiasm of the Irish, regardless of heritage. Those interested in membership follow this link for more information. We think that Lance cuts a 'heckuva' silhouette in his kilt and applaud him for being photographed in the publication.