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Parade Flags

Parade Flags

Prior to our 2019 Parade, we shipped Wearin' of the Green, St. Patrick's Day parade flags to each Krewe who had been riding consistently for ten or more years as a surprise. Founder Pat Shingleton signed and dated the first hundred parade flags we printed to commerate the first edition flag. It was exciting to us to send the packages out. To our delight, the majority of the Krewes proudly flew their flags high on their floats!

Flags were sent to Krewes who have been with parade ten or more years consecutively.

Unfortunately, we decided to print these just a couple of weeks prior to our parade so there was generally no time to ship flags ordered by customers out... or so they thought. People who ordered the flags were happily surprised to find us hand delivering these so they could have time to display them prior to the parade. Our thanks goes to everyone who ordered a flag. We  hope you love it!


The parade flags were so popular that we ordered a second inventory of them to carry us through to the next parade! These flags can be found in our online store. Send us a photo of yours! Email it to subject: FLAG PICTURE!  or text it to 225 505 5466 along with your name and location so we know who you are! 

Flags were seen hanging proudly from rooftops.