Parade Day Portal
Please review the following Parade Rules prior to submitting your Parade entry. The Hold Harmless you signed states that these rules have been reviewed and understood.
1. Decorations
  • Must be a family-oriented respectable Irish theme (Corporate/Political sponsors may promote a single business/entity)
  • Do not express political, religious or any timely controversial views. Our goal is to promote a POSITIVE IRISH THEME.
  • Rule of Thumb- If you question whether the idea/theme will be controversial/offensive/profane, do not use it.
2. Vehicle Registration
  • a. Must have current license plate
  • b. Must have current Insurance/Registration
3. Driver – Must have a current valid driver’s license and automobile insurance; no drinking; no cell phone while driving
4. Tow & Trailer
  • Length not to exceed 50’
  • No 18-wheeler tractor trailer rigs allowed
  • Float/tow vehicles must comply with Louisiana and the City of Baton Rouge laws with respect to size/weight/height. This is enforced by law enforcement, not The Parade Group.
  • Vehicles pulling floats must be in good running condition with ample fuel.
5. Horses are not permitted unless arranged prior to Parade and approved in writing.
6. No open flames. No cooking on line-up or Parade route.
7. Parade units must continue moving. No stopping/starting along the route.
8. Music - Irish music is encouraged to be played along the Parade route. Use the edited version of any popular songs (with no sexual connotation.)
9. Emergency - Wreckers are staged throughout the Parade route to assist the smooth flow of the Parade. If your vehicle/trailer breaks down, it will be pulled from the Parade route. For this service you will be charged a $500 fee. We also have paramedics stationed along route. In case of medical need, reach out to one of our Parade Marshals or a uniformed officer.
1. Throws – Standard Mardi Gras throws. Make them green! Make them Irish.
  • “G” Rated throws only – no condoms/naked people necklaces/etc. There are many children along the route.
  • No logoed or imprinted throws, unless you are a Commercial/Political* (Sponsor) entry.
  • No throwing of unopened bags of beads. Separate your beads so they do not become objects that could injure.
2. Silly String is not allowed. Shooting toilet paper is not allowed.
3. Use a porta-potty! Public urinating, unlawful or other distasteful activities are grounds for expulsion from the Parade.
4. *Throwing Commercial throws will result in a fee differential increase after the Parade.
5. Trash – No throwing boxes off floats.
6. NO GLASS BOTTLES on Parade route. We encourage use of plastic cups or use of koozies on cans.
7. No climbing or sitting on side rails. No hanging over the sides of a float.
8. No getting off and on the float during the Parade.
Walkers are vital to the safety of the Parade to keep crowds from running into/under the floats. They also can be a lookout for things coming down the route. All floats need 4+ walkers. Four are to cover the float itself, with prefarably two additional stationed at the front wheel of the tow vehicle. They should be alert and engaged.
1. Must be able to walk entire ~3 mile Parade route.
2. Must be 18 years of age or older.
3. Walk in line with the wheels of your float, at the axles. (Not behind your float!)
4. No getting off and on the float during the Parade.
5. Must not drink alcohol while working as a walker. Walkers are an important part of our safety procedures.
6. Cell phones are a major distraction. We strongly discourage cell phone while Parade is moving.
Look for our Shamrock Ratings information. All floats will be reviewed by Parade marshals and Parade officials. Cameras are staged along the route. Our hope is for everyone to receive a 5Shamrock! Ratings will be emailed to Krewes.