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We are looking for story submissions.  The Wearin' of the Green, St. Patrick's Day Parade brings friends and family together in many unexpected ways. We know about weddings, engagements, and birthday parties on the route. We want to hear from you if you were in the parade as a band member, float rider, walker or if you partied in the neighborhood. Photographs are a plus but not a must. 

Submit a story idea or article for Parade Magazine - Writers who wish to submit articles to the print publication are strongly encouraged to send brief information initially rather than full-length articles. Briefly summarize your article proposal. We do not accept articles or parts of articles that have been published elsewhere.

We are interested in historical photographs and stories also. Please try to date the year as best you can. We may have other identifying information to help flesh your story.

  • Then & Now - For this feature we want photographs from a previous year and a more current year. This could be of an entire Krewe. Please give us names as best you can so we can accurately identify who is in the photograph.
  • Special Event - If it has not been written about in a previous magazine, it is fair game to submit. Weddings... engagements... birthday parties... what is/was your event? Definitely want photographs for this. Again, we may have photos in our archives to help but we need a starting place.
  • Bands - Did you participate in a bagpipe, high school or college band? Please share your perspective and what you remember.
  • Favorite Things - What are the best aspects of the Wearin' of the Green? How many years have you been?

Story submissions should be sent by e-mail to: bririshparade@gmail.com. Make sure the subject line says, "Story Submission." Thank you in advance for sharing.

Got a story submission about a Walker blowing a kiss from 2022 Parade?